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With my over forty years of horticultural experience, I can answer many general gardening questions. Feel free to contact me with simple questions. For more complicated issues or matters requiring a site visit, I am available for consultation on an hourly basis. See the Garden Consulting Services page for details.

As you know, the Internet is loaded with plant information, some good and some bad. To aid you in researching additional garden information that is pertinent to northern landscapes, I recommend the following sites for their accurate and relevant information:



Cold Climate Gardening (

Florifacts (

Landscape Plants of the Upper Midwest (

Minnesota Extension Service (

Minnesota Grown (

Plant Information Online (

Rain Garden Information ( garden/)

Soil Testing Information (

Sustainable Landscapes (

Sustainable Urban Landscape Information (

U.S.D.A. Hardiness Zone Map (

University of Minnesota Gardening Info (



Daffodil Data Base (

Daylily Data Base (

Hardy Fern Library (

Hosta Image Data Base (

Peony Data Base (

Perry’s Perennial Pages (

Plant Evaluation Notes – Chicago Botanic Garden (

The Epimedium Page (



American Conifer Society (

American Daffodil Society (

American Fern Society (

American Hemerocallis Society (

American Hemerocallis Society Region 1 (

American Horticultural Society (

American Hosta Society (

American Iris Society (

American Iris Society Region 8 (

American Peony Society (

American Primrose Society (

American Rose Society (

Daffodil Society of Minnesota (

Daylily Society of Minnesota (

International Clematis Society (

International Lilac Society (

International Oak Society (

Magnolia Society International (

Median Iris Society (

Midwest Regional Hosta Society (

Minnesota Chapter North American Rock Garden Society (

Minnesota Dahlia Society (

Minnesota Glad Society (

Minnesota Hosta Society (

Minnesota State Master Gardener Program (

Minnesota Native Plant Society (

Minnesota Peony Society (

Minnesota Rose Society (

Minnesota State Horticultural Society (

Minnesota Water Garden Society (

National Chrysanthemum Society (

National Gardening Association (

New England Wild Flower Society (

North American Lily Society (

North American Rock Garden Society (

North Star Lily Society (

Royal Horticultural Society (

Seed Savers Exchange (

Shades of Green Hosta Society (

Society for Siberian Irises (

Spuria Iris Society (

The Hardy Fern Foundation (

Wild Ones (

Wisconsin Hardy Plant Society (



Carolyn’s Shade Gardens (

Dirt Simple (

Emily Compost (

Everyday Gardener (

Garden Bite (

Garden Drama (

Garden Rant (

Garden Web (

Gay Gardener (

Hayefield – A Pennsylvania Plant Geek’s Garden (

Hort Chat (

My Northern Garden (

Northern Gardening (

Notes from Northern Gardener (

Renegade Gardener (

The Garden Buzz (

The Garden Professors™ (

University of MN Yard and Garden (



Allen Centennial Gardens (

Boerner Botanical Gardens (

Chicago Botanic Garden (

Como Park Zoo & Marjorie McNeely Conservatory (

Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden (

Green Bay Botanical Garden (

Linnaeus Arboretum (

McCrory Gardens (

Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board Garden Sites (

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum (

Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory (

Munsinger Clemens Gardens (

Muriel Sahlin Arboretum (

Noerenberg Gardens (

Olbrich Botanical Gardens (

Reiman Gardens – Iowa State University (

Rotary Botanical Gardens (

The Lurie Garden (

The Morton Arboretum (

University of MN Department of Horticultural Science Display & Trial Garden (

University of MN Morris Gardens (



Canadian Gardening (

Chicagoland Gardening (

Fine Gardening Magazine (

Garden Gate Magazine (

Horticulture Magazine (

Manitoba Gardener Living Magazine (

Minnesota Gardener Magazine (

Northern Gardener (

The Gardener for the Prairies (