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With over forty years of horticultural experience, I can answer many questions you might have about your landscape or garden. I am not a landscape designer as I don’t develop overall plans for sites or provide installation, though I can recommend competent, dependable businesses for help in these areas. Instead, I can provide a unique perspective in a number of areas:

Plant Identification and Sourcing

If you have plants in your landscape that you do not know, I can usually identify them and answer questions related to their culture and care. If you have a landscape plan and are having difficulty finding suggested plants, I can help you locate sources or suggest alternative plants should something prove impossible to find.

Plant Selection

From my experience, most plant failures are tied to improper plant choices. For long-term success, it is vital that plants, both native and exotic, be carefully chosen to match growing conditions for the location. I can evaluate factors on your site including light levels, soil types, topography, drainage issues, etc., and offer appropriate plant suggestions. Putting the “right plant in the right location” is paramount in developing sustainable landscapes!

Plant Layout

Many people struggle with transitioning plant layout from a drawing or sketch to the actual site. I can work with you to space plants appropriately in your landscape to attain the desired effect while allowing plants room to mature to their natural form.

General Garden Issues

I can offer general ideas on where a given landscape element best fits on your site and I am also willing to work with you to find environmentally responsible solutions to landscape issues.

Garden Maintenance

I have long felt that the term low-maintenance is a disservice to the landscape industry. A successful outdoor environment requires regular attention. I can offer plant suggestions that will minimize maintenance needs or help you to determine what tasks are necessary to keep your garden looking its best throughout the season. I can train you in specific maintenance jobs such as deadheading, plant division and pruning.

Garden Renovation

If you have a landscape situation where maintenance needs have not been adequately addressed, I can assist you in a garden renovation plan. This involves making decisions in plant editing and/or division, rejuvenation pruning, weed suppression techniques, etc.


The duration of a visit varies from site to site depending on your needs. My rate is $80.00/hour with a one hour minimum and additional time calculated in quarter hour increments. There is no charge for travel with a 25 mile radius of Waconia, MN. Beyond that radius, mileage will be charged at the current federal IRS rate and/or an additional hourly rate will be charged depending on the distance involved. Full payment is due at the time of my visit. If you would like to arrange an onsite visit, click hereThough I will strive to give you the best possible garden advice, I cannot guarantee a given plant’s survival in your landscape as there are too many issues involved that are beyond my control.

I look forward to helping you develop the landscape of your dreams.